We to design.

  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • GFA: 41.000 m2
  • Date: 2019 - 2020

A lot of projects are still designed using classical 2D approach but many of our clients recognize the benefits that BIM has to offer. Residential complex “Moscow” was raised to LOD 350 from 2D design drawings. Shown below are examples of some architectural and structural parts that were modeled, such as: Earthworks – excavation volumes, concrete, steel

and wooden structures, foundation layers, facade with all the accompanying decorative elements, interior walls, aluminum exterior joinery works, ironmongery works, roof layers with given slope, etc.

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations, were also implemented into the model.

Different sewage and water supply systems were included such as: wastewater sewage for residential and common spaces, storm-water drainage and discharge pipes from pumps in drainage pits, hot and cold water supply, re-circulation of hot water, fire protection standpipe system as well as water pressure booster pump station. For heating purposes, there were three separate networks being modeled: one for commercial spaces, one for residential areas and one for common use areas such as basement and hallways. The heating system also included a substation with all related sub-elements. Ventilation systems were modeled in both the basement and the upper floors, with supply systems only in the basement, while on the upper floors extraction systems were modeled for the toilets and the kitchens. Electrical installations were separated in three different parts:

1) Power supply (lighting, cable trays and power cabinets).
2) Communication systems (surveillance systems, radio receptacles and intercom).
3) Fire alarm system (smoke detectors, fire horn, fire alarm pull station and emergency light).

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